Once upon a time, there was a beginning

In the beginning a small boy called Sakis had a donkey called Argiro.  They lived in a happy village on a lovely island in Greece.

Sakis was happy, he had a donkey and the sun shone brightly on them both.  But one day, when they frolicked in the field doing donkey things and boy things the great and most powerful god noticed them.  Zeus was powerful, but he was jealous and he didn’t like to see a human have more fun than he did.

Zeus was perturbed.  No, wait, that is not the right word, he was really pissed off.  Here was a boy on one of his, Zeus’, islands having fun and not paying enough attention to Zeus the powerful god. The boy was giving all of his attention to his donkey.

One day, Zeus came to Sakis’ village and tried to lure , the donkey away from Sakis, but Argiro would not go.  They don’t call donkeys stubborn for no reason.  Donkey was Sakis’ friend and refused to leave him.  Zeus tried many tricks to lure away the donkey.  He tried carrots, hay, and even figs, but Argiro loved Sakis and refused to leave him and go with Zeus.

Zeus was angry.

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It is time to meet Sakis…

Sakis and Donkey are both very private people.  Well, Okay the Donkey is not really a person and to be honest we already know what he looks like.  However, the grown up Sakis, who was once the adventurous boy of Sakis and the Donkey, is now a grown up and he asked that we respect his privacy.  In keeping with his wishes we have disguised both Sakis and the Donkey.

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this is an adventure story about a boy ….and his donkey

sometimes the boy will have other animals but he had a deep close connection to his donkey and we will follow him as he and his donkey have many adventures.

This is Donkey. Donkey’s name is Argiro

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Hello world!

Hello World, my name is Kiki, I will be your narrator, or if you prefer, tour guide.  I am going to introduce you to a little boy who grew up in a far away land called Hellas, it sounds evil but don’t be afraid today this country is called Greece.  Sakis world is exciting, and he had a lot of adventures with his pet Donkey.

Sakis also had other farm yard friends, he had a goat. The goat however comes much later in the story.  It was a nice goat with a lovely bell that helped Sakis find his goat.

However, Sakis and the Donkey came first and they have many adventures together.

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