Donkey is sad

Donkey has been sad as of late, Sakis is sick and it means that he can’t play with donkey (play, in a non-sexual, very platonic sort of way of course ).  Donkey has suggested that Sakis should stay in bed and eat chicken soup.

Donkey is worried about Sakis.


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Skantzohiros, is Greek for hedgehog, and Donkey has a new friend!

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Sakis cannot find Donkey

Sakis has recovered from a night of wine, dance and donkeying around but Donkey has gone AWOL.

What has Donkey been up to while Sakis rests? Let’s check in with him, Oh, no! Donkey! It that even legal in your village? And where did you get the massive bong collection? Donkey, you better hide all of this from Sakis, but first you better roll in the hay to hide the smell or Sakis will know something is amiss.

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Today is a special day

Today is Sakis’ name day, it is a special day in Greece when all the little boys and girls celebrate the saint associated with their name.  Shhhhh be very quiet Donkey has gone out to buy a special gift for Sakis. Donkey, I really hope you are not over at the tavern buying more wine, remember what happened yesterday? If you and Sakis keep drinking so much wine AA will have to come and visit, and no, not American Airlines.

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Let’s see how Sakis is doing after his night of celebration

Oh, dear, it seems that Sakis too has suffered from drinking too much wine.  Sakis has suffered so much, he has faded away into a pencil drawing.  Is he wearing Donkey’s mask? Well, hopefully by tomorrow Sakis and the Donkey will feel better and have learned a lesson about drinking too much on an empty stomach.  Oh, Sakis and Donkey, when drinking wine you must eat more than just nuts and cashews!

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After their encounter with Zues….

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It is time to meet Sakis…

Sakis and Donkey are both very private people.  Well, Okay the Donkey is not really a person and to be honest we already know what he looks like.  However, the grown up Sakis, who was once the adventurous boy of Sakis and the Donkey, is now a grown up and he asked that we respect his privacy.  In keeping with his wishes we have disguised both Sakis and the Donkey.

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this is an adventure story about a boy ….and his donkey

sometimes the boy will have other animals but he had a deep close connection to his donkey and we will follow him as he and his donkey have many adventures.

This is Donkey. Donkey’s name is Argiro

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Hello world!

Hello World, my name is Kiki, I will be your narrator, or if you prefer, tour guide.  I am going to introduce you to a little boy who grew up in a far away land called Hellas, it sounds evil but don’t be afraid today this country is called Greece.  Sakis world is exciting, and he had a lot of adventures with his pet Donkey.

Sakis also had other farm yard friends, he had a goat. The goat however comes much later in the story.  It was a nice goat with a lovely bell that helped Sakis find his goat.

However, Sakis and the Donkey came first and they have many adventures together.

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