Donkeys, oppression and Texas

Donkeys, oppression and Texas

Donkey is dismayed, his Texan cousins, wild burros in the Rio Grande area have been rounded up and killed.  Viewed as pests because the state considered the wild donkeys destructive foragers, and stealers of water (seriously).  Using up valuable resources in the state park the donkeys were targeted because they are a threat to the resources used by other native species such as the bighorn sheep.  Sigh.  Thanks to some concerned donkey lovers the state has ceased the killing of Donkey’s Texan cousins.  Hee Haw, says Donkey.  If we had room on our compound they could be flown in to live here, sadly, with two chihuahua’s and Kiki’s shoes we do not have the resources or space to save any more donkeys. Plus, Donkey would be really jealous (she doesn’t like to share Sakis attention).

BTW This donkey is Liberty and she is 8 months old! Thank you for letting us know who she is 🙂


Sakis and Donkey are out celebrating this victory for the Texan burros!

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2 thoughts on “Donkeys, oppression and Texas

  1. BTW the picture of the donkey you are showing is Liberty. She is 8 months old and a mammoth. She is very friendly and loves to follow people around while they do chores. She was a very good girl in Austin, and in Alpine when we had our town hall meeting.

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