Donkeys, oppression and Texas

Donkeys, oppression and Texas

Donkey is dismayed, his Texan cousins, wild burros in the Rio Grande area have been rounded up and killed.  Viewed as pests because the state considered the wild donkeys destructive foragers, and stealers of water (seriously).  Using up valuable resources in the state park the donkeys were targeted because they are a threat to the resources used by other native species such as the bighorn sheep.  Sigh.  Thanks to some concerned donkey lovers the state has ceased the killing of Donkey’s Texan cousins.  Hee Haw, says Donkey.  If we had room on our compound they could be flown in to live here, sadly, with two chihuahua’s and Kiki’s shoes we do not have the resources or space to save any more donkeys. Plus, Donkey would be really jealous (she doesn’t like to share Sakis attention).

BTW This donkey is Liberty and she is 8 months old! Thank you for letting us know who she is 🙂


Sakis and Donkey are out celebrating this victory for the Texan burros!

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Donkey is sad

Donkey has been sad as of late, Sakis is sick and it means that he can’t play with donkey (play, in a non-sexual, very platonic sort of way of course ).  Donkey has suggested that Sakis should stay in bed and eat chicken soup.

Donkey is worried about Sakis.


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Donkey supports the SOPA blackout

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Skantzohiros, is Greek for hedgehog, and Donkey has a new friend!

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Donkeys get sad too

Donkeys get depressed sometimes, especially if they are left alone for too long. Like humans donkeys must also have companionship.  Eeyore is a donkey, and as we all know he was quite depressed, and sometimes he lacked the will to live.

Tonight Donkey is a bit depressed, she watched a movie and it sucked the will to live right out of her. This is the movie,

Now, it wasn’t a bad movie, but it was quite sad, and it made Donkey very sad. The worse part for Donkey might have been the scene where hungry people were eating live horse meat. As in the horse was alive when they cut the meat off.  Donkey tried to put her head in the oven but I pointed out to her that is an electric oven and not gas.  Don’t get all Sylvia Plath on us Donkey! It was just a movie.  Okay, the bad stuff in it really happened, but don’t worry Donkey, Sakis is going to prepare an emergency food supply for you in a hole in the garden, just in case!

Cheer up Donkey!

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Sakis cannot find Donkey

Sakis has recovered from a night of wine, dance and donkeying around but Donkey has gone AWOL.

What has Donkey been up to while Sakis rests? Let’s check in with him, Oh, no! Donkey! It that even legal in your village? And where did you get the massive bong collection? Donkey, you better hide all of this from Sakis, but first you better roll in the hay to hide the smell or Sakis will know something is amiss.

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Today is a special day

Today is Sakis’ name day, it is a special day in Greece when all the little boys and girls celebrate the saint associated with their name.  Shhhhh be very quiet Donkey has gone out to buy a special gift for Sakis. Donkey, I really hope you are not over at the tavern buying more wine, remember what happened yesterday? If you and Sakis keep drinking so much wine AA will have to come and visit, and no, not American Airlines.

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Let’s see how Sakis is doing after his night of celebration

Oh, dear, it seems that Sakis too has suffered from drinking too much wine.  Sakis has suffered so much, he has faded away into a pencil drawing.  Is he wearing Donkey’s mask? Well, hopefully by tomorrow Sakis and the Donkey will feel better and have learned a lesson about drinking too much on an empty stomach.  Oh, Sakis and Donkey, when drinking wine you must eat more than just nuts and cashews!

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….the day after fighting of Zeus’s attempt to lure Argiro

The day after the god of all god’s, Zeus, attempted to lure away Donkey away from Sakis, both Sakis and Donkey decided to celebrate.

Donkey is suffering because she drank too much wine, notice her red nose.  Donkey loves nuts and as always Sakis found nuts for Donkey.  Donkey tried to write a note to Sakis, saying, I love you Sakis, and even though Donkey does not have opposable thumbs she did a pretty good job of writing the note.  Poor Donkey, I hope she feels better soon.

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After their encounter with Zues….

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